The Dutch Perspective Of Orchestras And New Media

Nothing like red eye flights with multi-hour layovers on my way back to the orchestral equivalent of Area-51 to get caught up on some blogging. One topic I wanted to point out is a new series of blog posts by everyone’s favorite Dutchman, Marc van Bree. A few days back, Marc posted the first article in a series dedicated to orchestras and new media and since this is a topic near …

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Off On A Mid-Trip Trip

My current work project has developed in such a way as to require a brief trip away from my current location to Italy for a few short days. As such, today is a travel day and my time to blog is limited; however, there should be ample opportunity on the seven hour flights to catch up on topics such as the Columbus Symphony fiasco and Joe’s Golden Parachute in Philadelphia. Speaking …

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Raisin Brahms

In case you haven’t seen it already, there’s a terrifically funny commercial from the Americans for the Arts created by the Leo Burnett agency. Although I don’t think the ad will have much impact on the general cultural consciousness but there’s no escaping the fact that this is one clever and creative spot. By pure chance I sat next to a creative agent from Leo Burnett on one of the longer …

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Tech Tip For The Day: Date Range Google Searches

If you’re like me, a day rarely passes without using Google but one of the long standing issues I’ve encountered with the search engine is narrowing my search parameters by a date range. Fortunately, I ran across a method to enter a date range into a standard Google search but the only trick is the dates must be expressed as a Julian date. Fortunately, there are a few easy to use …

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Unfair Labor Charges Filed In Columbus

Musicians of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) filed unfair labor practice charges the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Inc. claiming that the organization is violating the collective bargaining agreement between the Union and the Board by locking out the Musicians of the CSO on June 1, 2008 and for failing to bargain in good faith with the Union in an effort to negotiate a successor agreement for next season. A copy of the …

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