Forget Dress Codes On Stage, What About The Office?

Sometimes your memory plays tricks on you but sometimes it delivers a misplaced treat. I was the fortunate recipient of the latter this week when an article from c. 2004 (which is ancient history in Internet years) popped into my head. Written by Joseph Dalton shortly after NPAC 2004, the author relates his time at the conference and how he could tell which conventioneer belonged to which group by how …

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Cross-Blogging On Summer Festivals And More

In response to a post here from 6/27/2008 on the impact of rising gas prices on summer music festivals, my Inside The Arts blogging neighbor, Jason Heath, posted an excellent companion piece. In his article, Jason takes the time to provide far more detail regarding some of the issues that musicians tend to consider when deciding whether or not to pursue work in summer music festivals. His article provides exactly the …

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Strength In Numbers

Lisa Hirsch over at The Iron Tongue Of Midnight posted an intriguing article on 7/4/2008 which examines a curious piece by music critic Martin Bernheimer which appeared in the 7/5/2008 edition of the Financial Times. In his article, Bernheimer blames the decline of regularly employed traditional music critics on the proliferation of bloggers. I call Bernheimer’s article curious because this discussion has been chewed over so many times, there’s simply no more flavor so it is a mystery why he decided to engage these issues, especially after the positive outlook on blogging at several of June’s NPAC sessions. Furthermore, Bernheimer is a well respected and established journalist and to read some of the unsupported accusations against bloggers makes him appear like the stereotypical cranky old man standing on his front lawn yelling at the kids to stay off his lawn. Fortunately, out of the dozens of professional music critics I know and respect, I can count on one hand, including Bernheimer, the numbers who share his views. Folks old and new to the blogosphere have come to realize the common knowledge that culture blogging doesn’t hurt traditional music criticism, it enhances it…

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Changes Afoot

Throughout the month of July, Adaptistration and its companion blogs will be moving to a new blogging platform. It hasn’t even been a full year since moving to an independent server and we already require more space, better control, and enhanced tools. If growth is any measure of success then all of the blogs and columns at have much to be pleased about. Along with the platform change will be …

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Do Preview Clips Sell Tickets?

I had a fascinating conversation yesterday with someone in the business about whether or not preview audio clips have any impact on selling concert tickets. Conventional wisdom would dictate that giving people a sample of something before they buy is usually a good thing and clips via an orchestra’s website has any measurable impact on ticket sales one way or another.

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