“Culture Palaces For Air-Kiss Orgies Among The Superrich”

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Or so goes the vivid imagery from Matt Smith’s 11/18/2008 article in the San Francisco Weekly about what he categorizes as excessive compensation for individuals like Michael Tilson Thomas who he describes as the “baton-waving tycoon at the head of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.” Smith doesn’t hold back as he rails against what he sees as organizations that receive public funds but “consistently failed in their mission”… Barbed rhetoric aside, …

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Executive, Regulate Thyself (Before Government Does It For You)

An article by Wyatt Buchanan in the 11/13/2008 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle reported on legislation from San Francisco Supervisor, Jake McGoldrick, on “limiting nonprofit executive salaries and benefits for executives to six times the total compensation of their lowest-paid full-time employee.” The Chronicle’s article and the current economy make this a very topical subject…

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Over the past few months I’ve received a number of reader requests asking for some sort of SMS and/or IM alert service notifying them of new posts. After searching around I have yet to find a suitable service; consequently, I’m going to turn to the one resource that is better than Google: asking readers. Here’s a list of required features needed for a suitable solution…

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Help Wanted: Conductor Yes Man

Recently, conductor Bill Eddins commented on the decision by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) to dismiss music director, Junichi Hirokami for what he described as ‘[looking] around, saw a bad situation, and spoke out on behalf of the organization and, most importantly, the welfare of his musicians. The response: ‘Sayonara, Junichi!'” Bill couldn’t be more correct in his analysis and I wanted to examine this situation from another perspective…

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The (New) Realities of Orchestral Life

Recently, Cincinnati based pianist and blogger, Joshua Nemith, posted an excellent pair of articles that provide detailed advice on how musicians who are not employed in a salaried position can survive and thrive in what he defines as “the new economy.” Along with very practical recommendations, Joshua touches on a subject not discussed here in some time: the lack of adequate preparation at the college level for those entering the orchestra business…

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