He’s Making A List And Checking It Twice

This is the one and only head’s up reminding organizations included in the Annual Orchestra Website Review that the official review period starts soon. Organizations can brush up on precise evaluation criteria with a subscription to Adaptistration Premium and even though the review order has yet to be determined, that doesn’t mean it is too late to be included. But in order to have your orchestra take part in the evaluations, you’ll need to meet a few simple criteria…

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An Insider’s Look At The Classical Music Recording Business

While I’m away on business, I asked Sean Hickey, National Sales & Business Development Manager Naxos of America, Inc., to step in as a guest author and write something about classical music and the recording business. I’m pleased to say that he accepted the invitation and delivered some thought provoking perspective from his position within Naxos and as a composer ~ Drew McManus…

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More Insight On Orchestras And Simulcasts

The September 3, 2010 edition of the Boston Globe published an article by David Weininger that takes a closer look at the potential behind orchestras and theater simulcasts. I spent some time talking with Weininger about the topic and he included much of our conversation points in the article…

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Increase Your Subscriber base by 50% In One Day

That’s precisely what the Joffrey Ballet accomplished through a Groupon “deal of the day” offer in the Chicago area. Details are available in the 9/3/2010 edition of the Chicago Tribune in a blog post by Chris Jones but in a nutshell, Joffrey leveraged Groupon’s popularity (as a Chicagoland resident, I can say it’s great) but there are a few other items worth noting…

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“Women Still Fight for Seat in Major Orchestras Worldwide”

That’s the title of Rory Williams’ article in the latest edition of Strings magazine which examines the Vienna Philharmonic’s past practice of no girls allowed along with the role female musicians play in leadership positions within US orchestras. Williams draws on figures from the orchestra compensation reports here at Adaptistration and his piece certainly gets you thinking…

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