"Ending the Doctrine of Failure"


Last Monday, I hinted at revealing more details related to the League of American Orchestra’s (League) decision to reject International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) chairman and North Carolina Symphony bassist Bruce Ridge’s offer to participate as an elected musician representative in the League’s “Red Alert!” plenary session at this year’s conference. So let’s jump in and start learning more about what’s going on…

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Everything That's Wrong With This Business (and how to fix it)

Thank goodness for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. On 6/1/2011 Stewart’s guest was Bill Moyers and their discussion about the current failings of journalism in response to an increasingly obfuscation oriented environment might as well have been about the orchestra business. In short, Moyers doesn’t like to interview politicians because their language is designed to conceal. Hopefully, this should strike a chord with you…

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Rep. Betty McCollum Pushes Through 37.5% Cut For Military Bands

Adaptistration People 123

The 5/26/2011 edition of the Shoreview Post reports that a mere four days before Memorial Day, Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) successfully pushed through an amendment in the House of Representatives to cut funding for the US Armed Forces music programs by 37.5%… Rep. McCollumn’s initial target for funding cuts was Defense Department sponsorships of NASCAR events but in the wake of that failure, she determined that the world’s largest employer of …

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