Have I Got A New Revenue Stream For You

Big or small, a new revenue stream is a new revenue stream. And if you can tap into it without investing any real time or treasure then all the better, right? What it you could have all of that and the new revenue stream would also improve operation efficiency? In short, I’ve got two words for you: monetized auditions…

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A Little Irreverence Would Do Us Good


In case you missed it, the 2011 Tony Awards offered up a fabulous opening number featuring Neil Patrick Harris that takes a “different approach” to dealing with the audience development and financial challenges that stalk performing arts orgs. But unlike the Debbie Downer style “straight talk” adopted by some service organizations, the theater field seems to have remembered that they are filled with creative, artistic, entertaining folks…

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Editorial Cartoon: The Philly Plan

It seems that the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Peter Dobrin struck another chord with Dixon, Adaptistration’s editorial cartoonist. On 6/12/2011, the Inquirer published a comprehensive article from Dobrin that examines the artistic elements of the Philadelphia Orchestra Association’s (POA) new strategic plan. With excerpts such as “Artistic leadership by committee is a path to mediocrity.” it isn’t difficult to see where Dixon may have found his motivation…

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Get Money, Get Paid

Two articles worth looking into came out last week that touched on what will almost certainly become an increasing flashpoint of attention in coming months: executive compensation. First up is Peter Dobrin’s article in the 6/9/2011 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer that takes a long look at recently released compensation figures for Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) CEO Allison B. Vulgamore…

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The League: Then And Now

I had the opportunity to watch the opening segment of the League’s Red Alert! plenary session which consisted of a speech from League CEO Jesse Rosen. He read a list of current orchestra bankruptcies (Philadelphia, Syracuse, Honolulu, New Mexico, & Louisville) and defined them as “critical situations” that have “erupted” since 2008. He said they are not the result of cyclical economic cycles but are structural in nature, but that’s not what the League was saying several years ago…

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