Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin Your Orchestra's Website

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There’s a wonderful article at Smashing Magazine by Bradd Shorr entitled Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin a Company’s Website. Although geared toward more of a geek crowd there’s quite a bit for orchestra professionals to benefit from so to that end, I’m going to highlight some of Shorr’s points within the context of our field. Error #1: Writing Inwardly Having worked in-house for many years, I’ve fell victim to the …

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Philadelphia Pensions: Then And Now

Hopefully, you caught Peter Dobrin’s article in the 6/27/2011 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer which examines the Philadelphia Orchestra Association’s (POA) request to be relieved from their musician pension obligations via their bankruptcy petition. Dobrin provides an enormous amount of insight into current events an additional item worth considering here is the POA’s historic position on those pensions…

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Knowledge Is Power

One of the biggest requests during the Orchestra Compensation Reports is from readers who are interested in seeing more than a single season worth of data so as to build a more comprehensive frame of reference. I couldn’t agree more and that content is available exclusively via subscription at Adaptistration Premium. To that end, I’m happy to report that all of the 2011 content has been uploaded, that means you have access to nine years of compensation material…

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"Failure Begins At The Top"

Today’s headline is an excerpt from a piece by San Francisco Chronicle music critic, Joshua Kosman, in an article that was published on 6/19/2011. Kosman’s article is the latest in a growing chorus of voices within the extended field that are taking a much harder look at the root of problems among performing arts organizations since the economic downturn…

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2011 Compensation Reports: Summary

Although there’s no denying the tabloid nature surrounding salary reviews, that’s not what the annual Orchestra Compensation Reports are all about. Instead, one of the cornerstones is to get people thinking about accountability and to that end the data, in and of itself, tells no tales but it should generate some questions… For example, an executive that successfully maintains institutional stability without instituting massive budget cuts, sacrifices (or conveniently redefining) artistic …

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