A Roadmap To The Land Where Angels Fear To Tread

Things moved from bad to worse in the Louisville Orchestra (LO) labor dispute over the past five days so in case you haven’t been following all of the details, here is what transpired: Over last weekend, it looked as though both sides came to an agreement with the musicians capitulating to management’s terms, but that turned out to be premature due to a he-said, she-said style disagreement. By Sunday evening, both …

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Deconstructing The Louisville Letter

In what could be considered a metaphorical shot heard ’round the world, the Louisville Orchestra (LO) sent a letter to musicians dated 10/24/2011 informing them that if they acknowledge that they are “ready to work and accept, unconditionally, the terms and conditions outlined in [the] individual offer of employment” by 5:00pm CT, October 31, 2011 they will be replaced. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE LETTER IN PDF FORMAT The three page …

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Pushing The Sky Up In Boston

The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) recently wrapped up a new three year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that flies in the face of the Chicken Little Think Tank sky is falling doctrine. Normally, we wouldn’t spend time looking at what amounts to a typical contract with standard improvements but given the recent concessionary agreement in Philadelphia, it seems appropriate to examine some of the contract provisions.

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Editorial Cartoon: Bully For Them!

It seems that last week’s article about whether or not the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) is still competitive with attracting and retaining top talent among its peer group caught the attention of Dixon, Adaptistration’s Editorial Cartoonist. Like any good cartoonist, the article’s bar chart illustrating the POAs change in rank was what he focused on and it inspired him to put together today’s editorial cartoon; A Poignant Power Point Presentation In Philly.

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