It’s Time For Your Civil Discourse Recertification

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It’s that time of year again, where labor disputes begin charging up emotions and on more than a few occasions, those emotions come spilling out in blog comments and social media. At best, emotionally driven comments designed to lash out only serve to detract attention from any meaningful thoughts or observations contained in the comment and at worst, can tarnish the reputation of colleagues or fellow stakeholders. That said, there’s nothing …

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Jacksonville Symphony Declares Impasse, Imposes Contract

According to an article by Charlie Patton in the 9/18/2012 edition of the Florida Times-Union, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s (JSO) board has declared an impasse and will impose the terms of its most recent offer. That offer includes a 20% reduction in base compensation, four less weeks in the season, and no less than 45 percent cuts in health care benefits (the figure for the latter increases via family coverage). It is unknown if any work rule changes are being imposed.

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How Troubled Orchestras Can Bounce Back And Flourish

WQXR’s latest podcast from their Conducting Business series, which focuses on issues affecting the classical music landscape, includes a discussion about the state of American orchestras and the current rash of labor disputes. The panel includes host Naomi Lewin, Graydon Royce, music critic at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jesse Rosen, president and chief executive of the League of American Orchestras, and me.

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