More Than Just A Price Correction At The Met

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The 2/26/2013 edition of the New York Times published an article by Daniel J. Wakin that reports the Metropolitan Opera is lowering ticket prices by 10 percent but the really interesting part here is the reason behind the decision. According to the article, The Met “decided they made going to the opera too expensive.” So in a rarity in the rarefied world of the performing arts, the Met said it would …

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Mid-Day Update: Met Opera Acknowledges They Made Going To The Opera Too Expensive

More on this tomorrow but the 2/26/2013 edition of the New York Times published an article by Daniel J. Wakin that reports the Metropolitan Opera has announced that they are lowering ticket prices by 10 percent. Acknowledging that the prices have risen to artificially high levels and were now counterproductive for raising revenue and increasing access, the Met is acting proactively. We’ve been discussing these issues for years now and seeing the Met’s decision is …

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What A Genuinely Terrific Good News Story

What musician doesn’t dream of rising to fame by filling in at the very last moment for a featured soloist to rave reviews? After all, it worked for Toscanini and that lighting has to strike again at some point in time, right? It just so happens that it struck again in New Orleans via the Louisiana Philharmonic’s principal clarinet, Christopher Pell. The 7/25/2013 edition of published an article by Chris …

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Nose? Spite? Face?

There was an intriguing article by Doug Grow in the 2/22/2013 edition of that examines the numerous political connections between the cast of characters involved in the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) lockouts. The premise of the article wonders about the lack of direct involvement from Twin Cities political leaders in resolving the disputes. It’s refreshing to see a mainstream media outlet dive into the …

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You Don’t See This Every Day

Renowned cellist and Inside The Arts author Lynn Harrell published an article today announcing that after 50 years of making music together, he has decided to sell his 1720 Montagnana. The post recounts his time purchasing the instrument in 1962 but one of the real highlights is a particular line that is just about the best example I’ve come across that embodies the very unique relationship between a musician and his/her …

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