Remember When Using Twitter Was Fun And Easy?

Recently, Twitter released the latest update to its API (application programming interface) and completely cleared out support for the previous version. An API is a programming language that allows two different applications to interface with each other, such as displaying a list of your Tweets at a website. Since then, what was once a simple process is now a royal pain in the neck. For example, in order to display a …

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Minnesota Gets Grumpy Over Departure Figures


The 6/11/2013 edition of published a letter by Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) Director of Human Resources, Esther Saarela, where the author takes issue with the notion of artistic brain drain within the organization. Officially, Saarela is responding to a letter from the previous day written by an audience association leader that cites data provided by the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra (MMO); consequently, Saarela’s letter is actually serving as a fascinating …

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What If You’re Not As Awesome As You Think?

Adaptistration People 007

Among the 29th Annual Conductors Guild Conference sessions, one that stuck out in particular was the Auditioning Players panel discussion featuring musicians from the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) talking about how to audition musicians, what to listen for, best practices, challenges and solutions to common issues, etc. Anecdotally, the SLSO is genuinely known for running one of the better audition processes in the US; from both the operations and audition …

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Are You In St. Louis This Weekend?

I’ll be at the 29th Annual Conductors Guild Conference from Saturday, 6/15/13 through Monday, 6/17/2013 serving as a mentor so if you’re in the area and would like to touch base, feel free to get in touch via the following info. Likewise, if you’re a Guild member, don;t miss the special conference discount for new Venture Artist users.


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