Compensation Report Update


Let me begin with an apology; yes, I mentioned that the 2013 Orchestra Compensation reports would be up this week and as it is, they are all done and ready to go. However, due to a number of conditions, it now makes more sense to publish them during the week I’ll be away for the Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians (OCSM) Conference in Saskatoon, SK. As such, the series will be …

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Playing Fast And Loose In Nashville


In a sign that the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations currently underway between the NSO and its musicians may be getting hot, both the employer and the musicians have started playing fast and loose with the mutually agreed upon media blackout. Ideally, a media blackout means no public discussions through spokespersons or official outlets (press statements, websites, social media profiles, etc.) on any topics related to bargaining. A strong indication of …

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Is Minnesota The New AFM Line In The Sand?


Last week’s article examining a recent outpouring of support for the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Minneapolis-St. Paul Local 30-73 in the form of a $71,000 donation from a diverse collection of other AFM Locals and individuals, produced some intriguing comments. One from Milwaukee Symphony Principal Violist and President of AFM Local 8, Robert Levine, contains what might be considered by some as a line in the sand concerning how much …

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Is $71,000 Enough To Matter In Minnesota?


For those unaware, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) just wrapped up their 99th convention in Las Vegas, NV and in what has become a reliable standard, Milwaukee Symphony Principal Violist and President of AFM Local 8, Robert Levine, has been in attendance and blogging away with his observations. Most of it is a routine grinding of the gears but things apparently picked up on 7/24/13 in what Levine describes as …

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Get Your Metrics On

A little off the top

Earlier this week, Joe Patti published an interesting article at Butts In the Seats about getting more out of your website metrics by following the blog Google for Nonprofits and it made me recall a superb nuts and bolts style post a month ago by Ned Dwyer on how to get serious about using Google Analytics (GA) regardless if your skill set is novice or intermediate. I intended to post something …

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