Conventional Wisdom Is An Oxymoron


According to an article by Zoe Fox in the 8/8/2013 edition of (h/t Ceci Dadisman), they may not have been the plankowner generation for social media but the over 65 demographic is now the fastest growing group to embrace it. This new data could indicate major shifts in arts marketing assumptions for an audience that conventional wisdom (there it is again) likes to point out is grayer than ever. The …

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The Man Knows How To Write A Catchy Headline


Even though Adaptistration is coming up on its ten year anniversary, one of the more vexing tasks is writing concise headlines that are both catchy and descriptive; oh, to be as clever as the Daily Show writers. But one man who never seems to have trouble writing headlines in Norm Lebrecht and he published this one yesterday: Concertmaster blows, shows the trombone how it’s done. His post features Neo Classical author, …

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Would You Only List One Online Ticket Price?


I hope everyone from the Box Office and Marketing sectors takes a moment today to drop by Joe Patti’s Butts In The Seats post from 8/5/2013 where he asks colleagues about their practices with listing ticket price tiers online. What caught my attention, and I hope catches yours too, was the bit about his box office software provider suggesting they only list the highest ticket price level because it would inspire …

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San Antonio CEO Spot Is Open (again)

Adaptistration Guy Out The Door

According to an article by David Hendricks in the 7/31/2013 edition of, the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) lost their latest CEO after not even three months into the gig. The SAS had a series of high turnovers in the top administrative spot following the organization’s bankruptcy in 2004 and they’ve given the top admin spot to executives from Coca-Cola to NASA as well as more traditional candidates. There’s no official …

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An Unfortunately Anomaly Or The New Normal?

It’s rarely a good sign when Sunday morning news talk show topics have more in common with the orchestra field than not and it was difficult to listen to pundits talking about crippling impact of congressional entrenchment without seeing parallels in our field. One of the more surprising items was related to reports that one of the most sacred of Federal cows, the Department of Defense (DoD), is making genuine preparations …

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