A Governance Review

In the process of writing an article about governance and ethics, it became clear that it would be useful to first provide a precursor article with an overview of who’s who within orchestra governance. One of the odd byproducts of increased public exposure by way of labor disputes is an increase in those on the outside looking in who have no idea how orchestra governance works. More often than not, the …

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The Unfriendly Skies Can Be A Funny Place

It looks like Inside The Arts author and celebrated cellist Lynn Harrell’s no holds barred account of his encounter with Delta Airlines and their decision to pilfer all of his, and his cello’s, frequent flier miles continues to garner attention. The 12/27/2012 edition of the LA Times published an article by Donna Perlmutter that features Harrell’s ordeal and expands on it with a slew of similar trials from other musicians. Although …

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More Info From Jacksonville

On 12/24/2012, I published an article that linked over to a pair of letters related to the ongoing Jacksonville Symphony (JAX) labor dispute that were published in the Florida times-Union. One was from the JAX board chair elect and the other was from the JAX musicians’ negotiating committee. As it turns out, the paper apparently edited the latter letter without indicating the modification. On 12/31/2012 the newspaper published the complete letter …

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