Soloists, Like Krystian Zimerman, Now Have a Positive Option To Shape Patron Smartphone Use During Concerts

June, 2013 was a month of well publicized reports related to pianist Krystian Zimerman stopping a performance to verbally spank the audience after seeing a patron allegedly using a Smartphone to video record a portion of his performance. At the time, the culture community, myself included, was abuzz about whether Zimerman’s response was justified (it wasn’t) but we all apparently missed the direction we should have been purporting. Instead of promoting …

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Henson Out But Not Until August

Adaptistration Guy Out The Door

It looks like there is finally some news in the saga that is the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) that may allow the organization to enter a genuine period of recovery. Late last night, the MOA announced that Michael Henson will step down as CEO in August, 2014. Kristin Tillotson has all of the initial details in an article from the 3/20/2014 edition of the Star Tribune and since I’m still away …

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Community Learning

I’m off to Chattanooga, TN today for client work and to take in everything the newly dubbed Gig City has to offer. The trip brought to light an interesting confluence of thoughts from two Inside The Arts authors on the concept of genuinely learning from the community. First up is Joe Patti’s 3/17/2014 post and although we examined the very same article yesterday, I intentionally left out Patti’s segment on community …

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An Overwhelming Culture Of Façade


Joe Patti posted a fascinating article over at Butts In The Seats on 3/17/2014 about earnest examination of failure which got me thinking about the upcoming conference season and how much more useful service organizations could be if they spent as much time examining failures as everything else done during a typical conference. One point in particular worth noting from Patti’s article is the stigma associated with failure is strong enough …

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Memphis Closes Annual Deficit Shortfall But Still Cagy About 2014/15

A handful of traditional media outlets are reporting that the Memphis Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has apparently raised enough bridge funding to make it to the end of the current season but there is no word on what is planned for 2014/15. Likewise, there is no word on what sorts of adjustments may be made to the remaining season’s programs. Although the MSO has yet to publish a public statement detailing the …

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