What You Can Gain By Embracing Failure


The Orchestra 990 Database Project is done and although there was passionate support from a diverse group of backers, the project failed to meet its funding goal. But thanks to the way the campaign was designed, that’s not a bad thing; in fact, it’s a great thing. Let me share what you can accomplish by embracing failure. Ever since the earliest stages of designing the campaign, the entire process has been …

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It’s The Home Stretch


Today is the final day to become an Orchestra 990 Database Project’s Kickstarter campaign backer. The ability to make a pledge shuts down at 11:59 PM CDT and over the past few days, a few frequently asked questions have been coming in via email and social media so it makes sense to take a moment and cover them here during the final day of giving. Any eleventh hour questions can be sent in …

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Stop Me Before I Pitch Again!


Based on the amount of email and FB messages coming in, I know folks are very anxious to hear more about insider insights related to the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) but there’s less than 48 hours before the Orchestra 990 Database Project’s Kickstarter campaign ends and we still need to reach that funding goal. So help me help you get your orchestra business insider fix by becoming a backer and encouraging others …

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Only You Can Save The Day!


You only have two more days to back the Orchestra 990 Database Project’s Kickstarter campaign so it is time to pull out all the stops and do everything you can to help meet the goal. To that end, we’re going to continue taking a cue from public radio with another variation on their more successful pledge drive themes, as defined by June Thomas’ excellent 2009 article in Slate Magazine on the topic of …

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And Now The SLSO Is Looking For A New CEO

Just a quick blurb today as I’m still getting caught up after my recent business trip to Chattanooga, but it’s worth noting that St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) is now among the ranks of orchestras searching for a new CEO following the news that their current CEO is leaving the orchestra field for academia. The Baltimore Business Journal published an article by Joanna Sullivan that reports Fred Bronstein will be officially …

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