Talking Big Data With The SoundNotion Crew

Last Sunday, 3/9/2014, I had the pleasure of appearing on and in addition to talking about Minnesota’s CEO, Memphis’ future, and The Met negotiations, we also covered everything you wanted to know about the Orchestra 990 Database Project but were afraid to ask (because that’s how the crew rolls). It was a great discussion and it went a long way toward covering what a number of folks have been …

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Get Your Pledge On


We’re going to continue taking a cue from public radio with another variation on their more successful pledge drive themes, as defined by June Thomas’ excellent 2009 article in Slate Magazine on the topic of public radio pledge drives, to help promote the Orchestra 990 Database Project’s Kickstarter campaign. Today’s Appeal Is About Momentum: The Time Is Now Last week saw the largest increase in donors since the fundraising drive kicked off on 2/10/2014 …

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Ignorance Is Bliss (not to mention value added)

My blogging colleague, Joe Patti, posted an intriguing article on 3/4/2014 about his surprise over the job description for the Ohio Arts Council’s (OAC) deputy director opening; in particular, he was taken aback by the lack of arts-centric requirements. At the same time, Patti defines his working relationship with OAC as top notch and acknowledged being comfortable with the idea that if the existing employees were cultivated using similar job descriptions …

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And We Would Have Gotten Away With It Too, If It Weren’t For You Meddling Patrons


Regular readers know that the extended concert experience is a frequent topic here at Adaptistration but rarely does the topic intersect collective bargaining agreement negotiations. As it turns out, we were treated to one of those unusual occurrences last week from Bloomberg’s Manuela Hoelterhoff who delivered a journalistic spanking to the Metropolitan Opera (The Met) in her 2/27/2014 article about the organization’s underwhelming patron comforts. Hoelterhoff covers common patron complaints including …

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Would You Post Ticket Fees At The Start Of The Buying Process?


A big H/T to Thomas Cott for pointing out an article by Harriet Meyer in the 1/30/2014 edition of The Guardian that I would have otherwise missed about UK ticket agencies agreeing, albeit after a great deal of pressure, to show the related fee structure at the onset of the ticket buying process. According to the article, UK based consumer advocate group Which? wants the process to go another step by …

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