Is This A Low Cost Solution For Simulcasts?

There’s an intriguing article by Karissa Bell in the 4/7/2014 edition of that reports on a new service from that provides dedicated simulcasting capability for Google Glass.

Granted, we’re not talking Met HD simulcast quality here, not even close, but Glass’ apparent audio quality limitations could be overcome by paring the device with Neumann, the product name for a popular binaural recording device that comes in the shape of a dummy head.

Neumann with Glass could be awesome

Groups like the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra have been recording using a Neumann device for quite some time so it isn’t as though that technology is unproven. Consequently, if the streaming limitations don’t cut the benefits of using a high quality binaural audio source off at the knee, this is entirely feasible.

And you never know, it may open a door for the hard core sect of audiophiles that prefer their music via perfectly tuned cans but would like to get a taste of the live concert experience without leaving the comfort of their vacuum tube amp driven audio den.

If you’re in the mood for a wackier potential application, orchestras could upsell a Neumann Glass pro tempore as part of a subscription package or membership for patrons who love their favorite seat and the unique concert experience it delivers but just can’t get to the hall.

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