Welcome Joe Goetz: Scanning The Dial’s New Primary Author

Meet Joe Goetz

After more than six years at the helm of Scanning The Dial as its primary author, Marty Ronish is moving into retirement and handing over the reins to Joe Goetz, Music Director for WFIU 103.7 FM in Bloomington, Indiana. Goetz’s inaugural post went up yesterday where he lays out an overview for what you can expect at one of the leading online hubs for all things related to classical music broadcasting. …

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Let There Be Transparency: 14 Seasons Of ASO/WAC 990s

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During the Minnesota Orchestra lockout, one of Adaptistration’s most popular articles related to that topic was when I made more than a decade of the organization’s IRS returns available for download in one handy pdf file. Typically, that info is secured under digital lock and key in my consulting resource vault but I’m already witnessing a good bit of not-so-healthy arm chair analysis based on incomplete or limited data so it …

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Deconstructing Some Spin From Atlanta


One of the more confusing aspects related to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) lockout is how the relationship between the ASO and the Woodruff Arts Center (WAC) impacts the organization as a whole. We’ll be diving into those issues as they relate to board governance in a future article but for today, we’ll examine the administrative piece of the puzzle. According to the ASO’s Musician Contract Negotiations FAQ page, the organization …

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It’s The Eleventh Hour For Responding To Net Neutrality

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Many thanks to Thomas Cott for reminding everyone via yesterday’s newsletter yesterday that Monday, 9/15/14 is the deadline for submitting your comments to the proposed changes that would gut Net Neutrality as we know it. If you’re just coming in on this issue, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell: it’s a terrible idea and you should do everything you can help make sure it doesn’t happen. To that …

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Adaptistration Jobs Just Leveled Up To +10 Awesome

Adaptistration Jobs has really taken off this year and I’m pleased to announce two new features that will make it even better than before, one for job posters and one for job seekers. Job Posters: Application Deadlines Job Seekers: Custom Job Alert Emails You can now create, save, and manage job searches and create alerts which send new job notifications via email daily, weekly or bi-weekly. You’ll never have to worry …

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