We Only Need 70 35 Votes To Unlock One Of 2015’s Cutest Duckling Videos

Update, 5:40pm CT: …only 35 away.

Update, 5:20pm CT: we’re only 38 votes away! If you haven’t cast your vote yet, do so now so we can reach the goal and release the duckling video 🙂

Since Monday’s post asking for your help to garner 250 unique votes before June 19, 2015 for The Venture Platform’s application in the $100,000 Mission Main Street Grants® program from Chase Bank, we’ve accrued just over 73 percent of needed votes. So to help get over the last bit before the end of the week, I’m going to sweeten the deal in the form of giving away what will certainly be one of the cutest duckling videos for 2015…if we reach that goal.

Here in Chicago it is duckling season and less than a week ago we had a group of 11 hatch here at the pond in our building’s park. They started coming out three days ago and we captured some genuinely adorable up-close video of all eleven in action.

If we can generate 250 votes by midnight PST tonight, I’ll upload the full 1:06 HD video and make it public. If you’re wondering exactly how cute it is; here’s a reaction from one supporter who got a sneak peek:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE these! I had to watch multiple times! I love the pic with the mother surrounded by babies. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! J Thanks for sharing!
~ Wynne Wong Rife

And here’s a short teaser to legitimize the cute…

Voting is easy, just head over to https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/25397. You do need a valid Facebook account in order to vote and Chase will not access any information other than a Facebook ID to authenticate voting. Once there, you’ll go through the following steps:

four steps

  1. Click the blue “Vote Now” button.
  2. Log in with your Facebook account (or confirm if already logged in).
  3. Click the gray “Vote Now” button. This step may not be entirely self-evident but after you click the gray button, your vote should register.
  4. If the vote registered, you’ll see a green check mark and a sharing option (which I hope you’ll use!).

There has been an outpouring of support on Facebook since Monday’s initial post and I am enormously grateful to each and every individual for finding this important enough to take some time out of their busy day to help. You can see all of the terrific messages many of the supporters have been posting via my wall and as one put it “Would you like $100K to go to an Arts Advocacy Business? This is your chance! It takes less than 30 seconds to vote. If you’re on Facebook, you know you have the time…”

Thank you to everyone who has already voted and thanks in advance to everyone taking a moment to vote today. We only need 70 more votes and tomorrow’s post will be all about the ducklings.

cast your vote

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