Reader Survey Results: Millennials Continue To Dominate


The 2015 Reader Segmentation Survey results are in and just like the prior year, Millennial readers continue to comprise the largest readership segment. Having said that, they did lose a sliver of ground to Gen X and Baby Boomer readers. We’ll examine the full results soon but today’s post is going to dive into results from the 25-34 age group and highlight any changes from the previous year. Readership Share & …

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When It Comes To Event Liability Insurance, Forewarned Is Forearmed

Adaptistration People 014

One of the most common questions I get from cultural entrepreneurs looking to start up a chamber group or related artistic effort is why they need event liability insurance (assuming they know about event liability insurance to begin with). “Doesn’t the venue cover that?” They can, but most require renters to provide proof of insurance, but the good news here is obtaining event insurance isn’t as daunting a task as it …

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PSA Tuesday: Don’t Forget To Check Your Copyright Date

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It must have been a leap year thing but regardless the reason, I ran across more than a dozen arts org websites yesterday all with copyright notice dates that were 2015 or older. It took me off guard at first as this function is usually addressed by automatically changing the year based on the host server timestamp. Having said that, it is certainly something that can be manually entered as text …

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