The Latest Baby Step Toward Open Source 990 Data

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Back in June, 2015 we examined a Federal court case that ultimately produced a ruling which got the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on board the open source data train. One year later and those efforts are beginning to yield some results. published a blog post on 6/16/2016 with details about where the IRS is in the process and how they are providing access to the data. They underscore that while …

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Some Good News About Outreach And Diversity Out Of Baltimore

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The 6/28/2016 edition of the Baltimore Sun published an article by Mary Carole McCauley that reports on a $1.2 million gift from Mark and Patricia Joseph which will be used to increase accessibility to existing Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) education efforts for students from low income schools. The gift is very straightforward in that the funds will be used to offset the $10 per student ticket price and related transportation costs. According …

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Thinking About Security

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Over the 4th of July weekend, one of my clients, Freeman Stage at Bayside, experienced a security concern that required rescheduling a concert. Fortunately, the group handled the situation wonderfully and their patrons have been nothing but supportive; even better, one of the two suspects is currently in custody (details). But this does remind everyone throughout the performing arts field that preparedness matters. To that end, one of the in-depth seminars …

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Kaiser Files Philly Orch Report. Zero Surprises.

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Back at the beginning of the 2015/16 season, the Philadelphia Orchestra was primed and ready for a major labor dispute but just when it seemed like things would get ugly, the Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) and the musicians agreed to a one-year agreement with the proviso that the orchestra would hire an independent consultant, former Kennedy Center CEO Michael Kaiser, to perform an institutional review (details). Shortly before the July 4th …

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4th Of July Is Especially Important This Year

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Typically, my 4th Of July posts wish everyone a fun and relaxing holiday regardless if you’re at home with family and friends or out working at one of the numerous live music events that make this particular holiday special. Some of the most prominent music ensembles working today are the US Armed Forces military bands but those ensembles are in grave danger of being de-funded thanks to a handful of Representatives …

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