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The 5/18/2016 edition of published an article by David Meyer that highlights a new piece of wearable technology designed to provide deaf people with a way to experience a live orchestra concert. The Sound Shirt, designed by Cute Circuit for Junge Symphoniker Hamburg, is exactly what it sounds like; a shirt that converts sound into vibrations via actuators integrated into the garment. The transmission happens in real time so there’s …

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You Can Use More Than Policy To Determine How Much A Candidate Supports Arts And Artists

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Traditionally, one of the most common methods to help determine a political candidate’s views on arts and culture is to examine his/her proposed Arts and Culture policy along with the individuals appointed as official advisors. But there’s another obvious benchmark that often gets overlooked: how candidates treat artists and their work when campaigning. Simply put, if a candidate values artists and the work they create, they should have no trouble leading …

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Don’t You Love It When A Plan Comes Together?

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One of the most satisfying aspects since launching ArtsHacker has been watching the contributors work organically from each other’s articles and ideas. Unlike the coordinated multi-author series, it isn’t uncommon for one contributor to read a post from a fellow author and think “I’m so glad they wrote about that and since they brought up the topic, we should really be sure to think about this additional perspective.” As a reader, …

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Schedule Fusion Release Update

Schedule Fusion

Last week, I introduced a new resource scheduling app set to be released in Mid-August and I’m very happy to say that everything related to the release is coming along according to plan. That includes finalizing our style guide which means we can officially release the new platform’s name and website: We’re on track for an Aug 15, 2016 launch and I wanted to offer up a little something special …

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An Update On The Efforts To Save Military Music

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It’s time for an update on current efforts to help block proposed a funding amendment in the 2017 Defense Appropriations bill designed to gut military music programs. If you’ve been keeping up with what has been going on, you already know that the next step in the process was to get the amendment removed prior to the Senate vote (if this is new to you, start here to get up to speed). …

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