Confused About Instagram’s Stories and Live Features? I Was Too Until I Read This

I’m not a big Instagram user but it pays to stay on top of leading social media platforms which is why I tend to find tutorials written from the perspective of those inside the field I work more useful than those from generic sources. To that end, classical music entrepreneur extraordinaire Jason Heath published a pair of articles this week at ArtsHacker covering how Instagram Stories and Instagram Live work along …

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In The Line Of Fire

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Orchestral librarians often show up to work with a physical list of things that they expect to get completed that day. There is always something to be done to meet a looming deadline, but when you feel you’re starting to fall behind, you set aside a day to do nothing but just knock out the multiple projects on your plate. You just know that by getting these all done in one …

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Off To Chattanooga

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I’m en route to Chattanooga today to attend a concert on Thursday, 3/2/2017 of my wife, violinist Holly Mulcahy, performing Jim Stephenson’s Tributes violin concerto with the Chattanooga Symphony. It’s a fabulous work that was premiered in 2012 by Jennifer Frautschi with the Minnesota Orchestra. This will be the concerto’s second performance and Holly gave an invite-only sneak peek of the piano reduction version of the work here in Chicago with pianist …

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