Cats + Opera = #AllThePoints

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What do you get when National Opera Week, National Cat Day, and Halloween converge? I’m not entirely certain but it’s destined to be awesome. The Lyric Opera of Chicago is holding a contest for two tickets to their production of Wagner’s DIE WALKÜRE. It's National Cat Day and we're loving these ferocious little Valkitties! Post a photo of your furry friend in costume… Posted by Lyric Opera of Chicago on Sunday, October …

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Looking For Resources to Help Understand ACA Changes?

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It should come as no surprise that the upcoming open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be a large source of stress for organizations that provide health care benefits along with individual musicians and arts managers responsible for purchasing their own insurance. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to recommend along the lines of resources to help alleviate that anxiety. Manufactured instability in the healthcare marketplace along with drastic cuts …

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Are You Making Decisions With Half-Naked Data?

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If you or your organization(s) are using Google Analytics (GA) without syncing it to a Google Search Console (GSC) account, you’re making metrics driven decisions with half naked data. The problem is too many arts professionals don’t even know GSC exists but even when they discover it, they end up letting an account go fallow due to how much is involved with properly configuring everything. Although Google provides help content, you …

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#TBT October Work Stoppages Across The Past Decade

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Knock on wood, it’s been a comparatively quiet beginning to the season regarding labor relations. Historically, strikes and lockouts tend to happen toward the front of the season and here’s a quick history of October based work stoppages over the past decade, broken down by year: 2016 How To Look Like The Smartest Person In The Room When Talking About This Season’s Labor Disputes Pittsburgh Symphony Labor Dispute Continues Down A …

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Can’t Someone Else Worry About It?

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Last week’s survey asking readers if their organization uses cross-domain tracking generated some very intriguing results in that the topic generated very little interest. The survey produced a whopping (#sarcasm) nine replies. Nine. This came as quite a surprise as the low engagement level runs contrary to both anecdotal evidence and a similar survey I conducted with my Venture Platform users. Marketing and box office professionals have a very high degree …

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