#TBT Doing The Music Director Thing Has Never Been Easier

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With all the heavy-duty talk this week about music director misbehavior, it’s time to lighten things up. To that end, let’s kill two birds with one stone by lightening the mood while simultaneously poking fun at the culture of misogyny with a post from Nov 12, 2009. Don Draper’s Guide To Being A Music Director

Getting In GDPR’s Good Graces

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I’m happy to report that Adaptistration complies with the European Union’s (EU) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations related to personal data collection. You’ll notice new opt-in checkboxes, marketing permission statements, and updated legal text. When putting together your own updates, make sure you catch every point of contact for subscriptions. For example, in addition to the pop-up subscription forms, I almost missed the mutually exclusive static pages for the …

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Taking A Broader View Of The Levine Recording Discussion

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In the wake of yesterday’s post about whether we should/shouldn’t continue to broadcast recordings featuring James Levine, a fascinating discussion thread took place on my Facebook wall. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the more a topic gets discussed, the more likely it turns to money and this is no exception. One undeniable aspect of those recordings is potential revenue, whether it comes in the form of traditional residuals or via newer integrated media agreements. …

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