On Hiatus Through Aug 6

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For the first time since 2003 I’ve decided to take a two-week hiatus but will resume daily posts on Monday, August 6. Having said that, if something major breaks, such as a major development in the Boston Symphony lawsuit, I’ll probably end up breaking my own rule. I’ll be spending the time neck deep in the move to Adaptistration’s new global headquarters at Chicago’s iconic Hancock Center (or if your local, the …

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You Can’t Be Persuasive Without Credibility

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When it comes to turning website visitors into ticket buyers or donors, your site’s credibility goes a long way. But what does credibility in this context mean exactly? The answer to that is in an article I published at ArtsHacker.com and the good news is two of the most critical elements are likely something you have direct control over. Persuasion (Conversion) Made Easy

#TBT Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Funding? (spoiler: yes)

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Joe Patti published a thought provoking piece at Butts In The Seats which examines the development of technology to support the arts, a topic near and dear to my own arts admin heart. The inspiration for his post came from the  Knight Prototype Fund awards announcement, a program I was keeping an eye on. Although the Knight Foundation has a good track record in supporting technology-based programs, they wouldn’t exactly rise …

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So Funny. So Dark.

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Given the flood of somber headlines this week, I wanted to intentionally post something light because we could all probably use a smile about now. Last May, I pointed out the @ArtsAdminsSay twitter account and since then, it…has…exploded in popularity. Racking up more followers each day, it has 3,261 at the time this article was written. On a per tweet basis, it averages more likes, RTs, and replies than those from the …

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#19NTC – Time To Get Your Proposal On

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You can now submit a session proposal for the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference which takes place March 13 – 15, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Whether you’re a longtime presenter or are new to the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) community and have never presented at the NTC before, I want to encourage you to submit a session proposal. I’ve written about my experiences at 18NTC on a few occasions and one area …

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