Let’s Take All The Repeats For Berklee’s “Music Careers In Dollars and Cents”

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Every now and then I’m fortunate enough to have someone point out a resource I missed when it was originally released. The most recent example is Berklee College of Music’s Music Careers In Dollars and Cents resource from 2016 that provides salary ranges for quite a few professions in the US music business. A big hat tip to pianist and composer Ryan Cohan for connecting me with this resource. While the …

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Examining The Lyric Opera Orchestra Settlement

On Sunday, 10/14/2018 the Lyric Opera of Chicago (LOC) and its musicians ended a week-long strike with a new three-year agreement. Instead of the customary joint press statement announcing the news, each stakeholder released their own notice. While LOC’s statement failed to reference any terms, the musicians’ release covered a few highlights and based on that information, it seems clear the musicians conceded to most of the employer’s demands. Here’s a …

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A Quick Look Ahead

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Just a quick update post today. First up, good news from Chicago where the Lyric Opera strike has ended. Both sides have issued individual press statements and we’ll be looking at those details along with some of the PR exchanges from both sides later this week. Next up, the Music of Star Trek (MoST) podcast is definitely getting a crowdsourcing campaign. Everything is just about ready to go; description, promo vid, …

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#TBT Alexa, Why Should I Get Off The Couch and Go To An Orchestra Concert?

Holly Mulcahy recently issued a challenge at her blog, Neo Classical, asking readers to come up with solutions to some of the most common apathy driven reasons why people don’t attend live orchestra concerts. But there’s a trick, you can’t use one of several old-school talking points. Below I’ll list several common reasons people opt out…Find one or two solutions to each reason without using the phrases: Great Repertoire, Guest Artist, or Your Support….Claiming that repertoire …

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Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra Goes On Strike

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At 10:30am CT, the musicians of the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra (CLOO), represented by the Chicago Federation of Musicians (CFM), released a press statement announcing they are on strike against their employer, Lyric Opera of Chicago (LOC). Why They Went On Strike According to the musicians’ statement, the decision to strike was due to the following LOC demands: 1) “Cutting the number of Orchestra musicians by eliminating five positions.” According to …

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