Better Late Than Never?

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The 9/20/2018 edition of the Los Angeles Times published an article by Mark Swed that features an interview with Simon Woods, the LA Philharmonic’s new CEO. It a good get-to-know-you interview that provides Woods a platform to address some of the topics on his mind about where the orchestra is and where he wants it to go. To that end, one of the primary goals on Woods’ mind is increasing diversity …

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Six Years Later And Some Websites Are Still Using 12px Font Size


I try not to interweave my day to day life into this blog but today is an exception to the rule. Recently, my optician informed me I needed a stronger prescription; in fact, I needed to begin using progressive lenses. Consequently, I’m acutely aware of how much worse my eyesight is now compared to, say, six years ago when I published the first article about the need for arts organizations to …

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Talking About Nonprofit Tech RFP’s With Tony Martignetti at Nonprofit Radio

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During the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present a session on nonprofit technology RFPs (Requests for Proposals). On the conference’s opening day, my co-presenter, Ceci Dadisman, and I sat down to record a session for Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio program and that episode was published last Friday. You can stream the episode at or download from iTunes (ep.412). The show was recorded right …

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Look At That, Older Age Groups Do Use Mobile

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Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a private Google Analytics training session with a performing arts organization and one of the skills we covered was how to use the Secondary Dimension function to cross tabulate data. During that process, one of the items we uncovered is the top three age groups that converted to ticket purchases using mobile devices were Women, age 55-64; Women, Age 65+; and Men, age 55-64. …

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Principal Trombonist Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations Is Suspended From Teaching Position During Investigation

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While the Cleveland Orchestra announced in September, 2018 it would suspend principal trombone Massimo La Rosa pending an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) took a full month to follow suit. Nonetheless, according to an article by Zachary Lewis in the 10/16/2018 edition of the Plain Dealer, CIM finally came around. At the same time, they did not provide any additional details beyond a few …

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