Boston Symphony Pushes Back Against Allegations Of Sex-Based Pay Discrimination

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The 10/5/2018 edition of the Boston Globe published an article by Zoë Madonna that reports the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has decided to play hard ball and push back against principal flutist, Elizabeth Rowe and her lawsuit alleging sex-based pay discrimination. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of Rowe’s complaint in an article from 7/13/2018, so if you aren’t already familiar with the allegations, that’s a good place to begin. Breaking Down …

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Two More Violinists Go Public With Accusations of Sexual Misconduct Against Cleveland Orchestra Concertmaster William Preucil

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The 10/7/2018 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer published an article by Zachary Lewis that reports on two new allegations of sexual misconduct from former students of Cleveland Orchestra concertmaster William Preucil. The first instance is from 2003 at the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) where Preucil maintained a violin studio. One of his students, Raffaela Kalmar, alleges Preucil forced himself into a position where he could look up her skirt. …

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Balancing Work/Life When Both Of You Work In The Orchestra Field

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If you spend much time in the field, you’ll notice the large number of professionals that have spouses who work inside the business. It’s increasingly common to find musicians married to other musicians, but you’ll also find plenty of managers married to other managers and yes, there are even musicians married to managers. It’s always a double-edged sword when it comes to marrying someone who works in the same field. On …

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Equality And Respect In The Workplace

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News outlets worldwide have bombarded us of late with reports of sexual harassment and assault, as well as of sexual inequality in the workplace. The 2016 election prompted increased interest in women’s rights and opportunities and there has been great progress in many areas, but women still suffer various kinds of abuse on a regular basis. However we must not lose sight of the solid gains that have been made. These …

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The Orchestra Musician Job Offer: “No” Is An Option

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It’s no secret that orchestra musician positions are highly competitive, even at ensembles that pay less than living wage. The statistical likelihood of becoming the finalist and receiving a job offer is, at best, dubious. Nonetheless, just because you end up with an offer doesn’t mean you should automatically accept. I’ve lost track of how many musicians I’ve worked with over the years who ended up regretting a decision to accept …

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