Elizabeth Rowe Lawsuit Settles And We’re No Closer To Change Than When Everything Started

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Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) Principal Flute, Elizabeth Rowe, has settled her case alleging sex-based pay discrimination. Both parties entered mediation in December 2018 and at the time, the concern was any settlement may have a nondisclosure agreement attached. It turns out, that concern was justified. News of a settlement was released last week and a joint statement indicates both parties are satisfied with the outcome and all details will remain confidential. …

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Slate Magazine’s Take On Improving Sex Based Pay Discrimination Fixes Some Problems But Creates Others

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Since the news went public of Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) principal flute Elizabeth Rowe’s lawsuit alleging sex-based pay discrimination, there has been no shortage of commentary. While that’s produced plenty of talk about problems, there isn’t much of substance happening on the solutions side of thing. One exception is an article by Nancy Leong and Tenly Williams that was published in the 12/19/2018 edition of Slate.com. In addition to an overview …

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Elizabeth Rowe’s Sex-Based Equal Pay Bias Complaint Goes To Mediation

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According to a report by Geoff Edgers in the 12/11/2018 edition of the Washington Post, the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and their principal flute, Elizabeth Rowe, are headed to mediation in an attempt to settle her lawsuit alleging sex-based pay discrimination. We’ve been covering the lawsuit since it was announced so if you’re just jumping into these issues, do yourself a favor and learn more about the backstory along with a …

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Boston Symphony Pushes Back Against Allegations Of Sex-Based Pay Discrimination

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The 10/5/2018 edition of the Boston Globe published an article by Zoë Madonna that reports the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has decided to play hard ball and push back against principal flutist, Elizabeth Rowe and her lawsuit alleging sex-based pay discrimination. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of Rowe’s complaint in an article from 7/13/2018, so if you aren’t already familiar with the allegations, that’s a good place to begin. Breaking Down …

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Breaking Down The Elizabeth Rowe Complaint

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Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) principal flute Elizabeth Rowe is suing her employer “to recover over $200,000 in unpaid wages unequal to the pay of a comparable male musician.” We’re going to examine the bulk of her complaint on a point by point basis. It would be surprising to see the suit go to trial but if it does, it would undoubtedly have profound impact on how orchestras approach individual musician agreements. …

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