Kareem Roustom’s New Work Leaves You Feeling Like A Better Person Than You Were Before

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I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve written concert reviews and one of those is only because I was paid. In fact, over the past year, I’ve been in a profound state of burnout when it comes live classical music and with one notable exception, I’ve spent the 2018/19 season finding other outlets to fill my cultural tank. Until last night’s Grant Park Music Festival (GPMF) concert, …

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Email Campaigns #FTW

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Well this came as a pleasant surprise while reviewing email subscription lists: Adaptistration’s Weekly Email Summary crossed the 4,500 mark this week. Since the beginning of 2019, the list has seen a higher than average rate of new subscribers and those new-to-files have remained consistently engaged since subscribing. The weekly summary has been one of the longest running features at the site and while it grows consistently from year to year, …

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#TBT Put A Little Civility Back In Your Life

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With Baltimore Symphony’s will-they, won’t-they deadline next week there is no shortage of commentary flying around the culture blogosphere. To that end, today’s #TBT reaches back to a post from September 2012 that examines how to productively engage in online discussion. In hindsight, it is borderline ironic that we’re reaching back to something espousing the merits of civility amid the age of gaslighting and tribal identities. If nothing else, it demonstrates …

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The Orchestra Compensation Reports Are Right Around The Corner

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All things being equal, the Orchestra Compensation Reports will be coming out the week of June 17th or June 24th. So far, data gathering hasn’t generated any irregularities that require additional time to hunt down the respective data and if that continues to be the cast, you can expect the earlier date. What this means is you have a week or two where last year’s data is still available: https://adaptistration.com/the-orchestra-compensation-reports/ While …

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Get A Glimpse Behind The Grant Panel Curtain

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As if he wasn’t already bringing his A-Game on a regular basis, Joe Patti recently published an article at Butts In The Seats that provides a behind the scenes look at one of the more cloistered processes in the business: the grant panel review process. If that weren’t a good enough topic in and of itself, it’s wrapped inside the context of barriers to engagement; both perceived and tactile. I mentioned …

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