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Shop Talk S01E04: Fostering BIPOC And Women Composers

Who says COVID shutdowns mean you can’t have a new music workshop? Nonsense! Necessity is the mother of invention and in this installment of Shop Talk we sit down with the trio of big musical brains responsible for putting together The Great Plains Composition Workshop at the Wichita Symphony Orchestra (WSO), which reached out to BIPOC/women/underrepresented people to apply. And boy did they… Attendees worked directly with today’s podcast guests: Emmy-nominated …

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Even More Research Into Making Concert Halls Safe

There’s a fascinating interview in the 9/25/2020 edition of, NPR Utah, where host Caroline Ballard examines a recently completed project by a team at the University of Utah led by scientists Tony Saad and James Sutherland that studied Abravanel Hall’s airflow to help identify risk for musicians in the Utah Symphony. You can listen to the full interview at the radio station’s website, but a few bits that jumped out …

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Because It’s Been A Rough Week

It’s been a heavy-duty week and it is high time to regain a little faith in the world. To that end, violinist and cat foster Esther Abrami posted a video from one of her recent practice sessions that included a novel way to keep a foster kitten occupied. Granted, this is 10/10 adorable out of the gate but just wait until the 1:06 mark…

The Intersection Of Ethics, Accountability, and Executive Privilege At The Curtis Institute of Music

Warning: today’s article includes description of sexual violence. The 9/22/20 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Peter Dobrin that examines the report filed by law firm Cozen O’Connor into allegations from violinist Lara St. John of rape and sexual abuse by former Curtis faculty member, Jascha Brodsky, during her time at Curtis Institute of Music. The report not only found St. John’s claims credible, they found her tenacity …

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