The Programmatic Lightness Of Being

It’s funny how the pandemic can make old conversation new again when viewed through the lens of hyper pragmaticism. The whole traditional vs. contemporary programming debate is a good example. Recently, the New York Times published an interview with cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han, who jointly run the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. In a nutshell, the couple makes it clear that traditional repertoire has more than enough artistic …

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A Sales Email Subject Line So Good You Have To Steal It

Looking for a great sales email subject line that leverages buyer’s fear over supply shortages? If so, I have exactly what you’re looking for courtesy of an email that arrived in my inbox over the weekend. Credit where credit is due, the message came from Steele Canvas Basket Corp, a made in the US company that doesn’t rely on providers getting caught up in supply bottlenecks. Arts and culture organizations can …

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Musical Left Behind Syndrome

We’re wading into musician issue territory today by way of an article in the 11/8/21 edition of The Strad by violinist Daniel Kurganov about making it as a professional violinist who started at the age of 16 when many begin a decade or more earlier. I am very lucky to have parents who, while not being professional musicians themselves, trusted my passion through its twists and turns. But for many years, …

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It’s Veterans Day

Did you know that the single largest employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces? Set aside some time today to learn more about the ensembles and their missions. The United States Air Force Band The United States Army Band “The Presidents Own” United States Marine Band The United States Navy Band The United States Coast Guard Band

All The Jobs And Candidates In One Platform

Over the last week, there have been 15 new listings at, which brings the total number submitted for November up to 23. That’s only four behind the total for all of October. Currently, there are 33 full time positions, six part time positions, and eight internships across every sector and in every department (except music director and conductor openings). On the other end of the employment coin is the all-time …

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