One Day Until Launch

It’s been a busy couple of months as my team and I have been working away for the official UpStage CRM launch and I’m happy to say that all things equal, that will be tomorrow for the sales website. It has a few more pairs of eyes pouring over it but we’re all very happy with where things are. So no spoilers for now but the seven-day work weeks have been …

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#TBT Polarization And Governance

Back in July, 2014 I published a post about what I defined as the end of the golden age of orchestras and opera. I came to that conclusion, in part, because of the sharp increase in neoreactionary dominated culture. Within that context, neoreactionaries were those who cast themselves as victims within a larger operating environment and believe they are somehow tasked with a principled responsibility to right the wrongs for a secure future …

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Refining Your Communications Segmentation

I read a thought provoking article by Andrew Jeong in the 12/7/21 edition Washington Post that examines a  survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research with funding from MTV about the impact the pandemic is having on their social lives, educational and career goals, and their wellbeing. The survey included telephone interviews with: 3,764 people ages 13-56 living in the United States 2,683 members of Gen Z …

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Looking For An Ideal Holiday Office Gift?

Office gifting doesn’t have to be hard. Fortunately, Arts Admin Merit Badges are the ideal solution to an otherwise irksome quandary. And in the age of COVID where everyone is working more with less, showing acknowledgement and appreciation is more important than ever. They’re a great way for arts admins to show appreciation for hard work that simultaneously acknowledges special achievements. Given pandemic driven USPS delays, ordering sooner is better than …

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Quantifying Our Value

The folks over at LaPlaca Cohen and Slover Linnet released the latest installment in their Culture Track series, Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation, and it’s filled with as much useful information as the initial installment. What’s especially useful is the decision to focus on underrepresented organizations in the previous report: “BIPOC-serving organizations, cultural organizations located in rural parts of the country, festivals (film, food, crafts, music), libraries, for-profit …

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