#TBT What Topics Would You Like To See On A Sacred Cow Barbeque Agenda?

Since the concert experience has been the focus of several recent posts, it made sense to highlight some of the more popular articles on that topic over the years for today’s #TBT. But perhaps more importantly, I’m curious to know what topics you think should be at the top of the sacred cow barbeque discussion list. Credit for that idea goes out to composer and educator David MacDonald and a comment …

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#TBT: 13 Years Later And Still No Box Suites And Chicken Strips

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There’s a fascinating article by Mark Fisher in the 9/27/17 edition of The Guardian (H/T Ceci Dadisman’s ARTSMAIL newsletter) that examines the success of a Glasgow based theater series that encourages attendees to bring food and drink to the performance. When discussing The Guardian article with a colleague, she mentioned “What would the arts and culture landscape here in the US look like if theaters let you eat and drink while …

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Not Only Will Live Symphonic Music Get You Laid, But Your City Is Crap If You Don’t Have An Orchestra

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In a recent interview with The Evening Standard’s David Smyth, singer-songwriter Ben Folds recently expanded on his previous sentiments that live orchestra concerts are an ideal vehicle to maximize verbing the adjective noun by declaring “there are two kinds of cities: those that have symphony orchestras and those that are crap.” There are two kinds of cities: those that have symphony orchestras and those that are crap.” Ben Folds is on …

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If Supertitles Still Bug You, Then This May Not Be Your Thing

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The 6/27/2014 edition of The Verge published an article by Adi Robertson that examines the author’s experience using Google Glass to process translations. Long story short, the device did an excellent job at taking what has become a technologically rooted staple of the concert experience to its next logical evolutionary step. At a showing last week, the system worked surprisingly well. Readable but minimally distracting translations floated in the corner of …

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Is This A Low Cost Solution For Simulcasts?

There’s an intriguing article by Karissa Bell in the 4/7/2014 edition of Mashable.com that reports on a new service from Livestream.com that provides dedicated simulcasting capability for Google Glass. Granted, we’re not talking Met HD simulcast quality here, not even close, but Glass’ apparent audio quality limitations could be overcome by paring the device with Neumann, the product name for a popular binaural recording device that comes in the shape of a …

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