Why Yes, Ben Folds Is All Kinds Of Cool

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We’ve taken a look at singer/songwriter Ben Folds’ work within the live orchestra field a few times over the years and his recent work with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) was the focus of a Fox News Power Player segment on 2/16/2020. Folds, who serves as an Artistic Advisor at the NSO, has always been an engaging advocate for live music and the segment does a fantastic job at capturing his …

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Not Only Will Live Symphonic Music Get You Laid, But Your City Is Crap If You Don’t Have An Orchestra

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In a recent interview with The Evening Standard’s David Smyth, singer-songwriter Ben Folds recently expanded on his previous sentiments that live orchestra concerts are an ideal vehicle to maximize verbing the adjective noun by declaring “there are two kinds of cities: those that have symphony orchestras and those that are crap.” There are two kinds of cities: those that have symphony orchestras and those that are crap.” Ben Folds is on …

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“People, this will get you laid”

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Today’s title is a quote from singer-songwriter Ben Folds who was describing a live orchestra event. Originally published in the 4/9/2014 edition of the Riverfront Times, the article’s author, Allison Babka, interviewed Folds about an upcoming St. Louis Symphony Orchestra appearance. “It’s the best place to take anyone on a date. It’s perfect,” Folds insists. “It’s not loud as shit, you’re not talking over each other, you’re seated and you can make …

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