Luckily I asked for it shaken*

I’m off to Germany for some James Bond style client work today and won’t be back until Saturday. Although there are plenty of new articles ready to go over the next few days, my travel schedule prohibits the sort of Johnny-on-the-spot coverage you’re used to when something big develops in the Season of Discontent.

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Enough Of What I Think, What’s Your Opinion?

The ubiquitous standing ovation. Just about every orchestra musician that blogs has written about this topic at one point or another and most share a common thread; audience response to a lackluster performance with a standing ovation can have an unintentional demoralizing impact. During the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (MO) board retreat last week, we talked about how the organization can develop its interaction with the audience and this topic popped up. But instead of warming up stale conversation leftovers, the organization’s board president, John Simmons, offered an intriguing personal encounter that is worth sharing…

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Hero For Hire

Well, I wouldn’t go that far but it is was very humbling to run across this article in the 5/25/2009 edition of (Springfield Business Journal Online), thanks to SBJ for taking an interest in the projects and to Ron Spigelman for calling me a “truth seeker” – which sounds vaguely like Marvel comics character. Nonetheless, last week’s retreat with the Symphony couldn’t have gone better and I’m looking forward to returning at the end of this week to work with the Arts Council…

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When Everything Comes Together

Only time for a brief post today as things here in Springfield are keeping me busy with 16 hour days but it’s worth it to enjoy the unique satisfaction of a productive, sincere, and provocative board retreat. The first half of the retreat went off without a hitch and everyone walked away feeling invigorated and very positive. Granted, it helps when the organization is in a very good place to begin …

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Off To Springfield

I’ll be in Springfield, MO for the remainder of the week working with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra on a capacity building strategic planning program but that doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging for the remainder of the week. There’s news brewing from the Southwest and Ark-La-Tex regions that will need reporting and I have yet to get the details out for the Big Idea mentioned last month. Speaking of Springfield (in this case IL not MO), have you seen this? I know, it is 4100 words long but take the time to give it a good read – it’s a 10/10 on the “wow” meter.

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