Eye Candy

Although going to and from my recent mid-project trip to Italy took three times as long as the actual amount of time available to conduct business, there was a handful of minutes available while waiting for a ride to the airport to squeeze in some touristy photos. If you’re an opera buff, you’ll likely identify which Italian city this is from these photos. Any guesses (HINT: if you’re stumped, just look …

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Technology Still Amazes

As I’m wrapping up my work day I placed a video call to my wife via my tablet PC and Skype, a free VOIP service and even though we’re separated by several time zones and a good portion of the planet, I’m looking at her smiling face and chatting with her while I wait for a ride back to the hotel. Since this is a tablet PC, I have the screen …

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Royale With Cheese

If you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies then you are well aware of the famous opening scene from Pulp Fiction where two of the main characters discuss the differences between life in Amsterdam and the US. The scene has come to mind on more than a few occasions during the past week while working on this project and as Tarantino’s characters from Pulp Fiction articulate, you notice the big glaring difference but you feel those which are subtle…

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Where In The World Is Drew McManus?

I’ve just finished up day #1 of a month long consulting project and although the project promises to keep me busy it holds an equal amount of exhilaration and fascination. Pending approval of my employer, I’ll be posting more about the project as the month passes but in the meantime, let’s see if everyone can figure out where in the world I’m working. Clues will interspersed throughout the month so let’s …

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The Adventure Begins

Starting July 11th, 2008 I will be out of the US for a full month to work on a consulting project. I’ll certainly continue blogging while away although I have not yet discussed the option of writing about the project with the employer and since my strict policy is to never write about work projects without mutual agreement from all parties involved, it may be a week before publish any work …

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