Employers Behaving Badly

Just a short, but poignant, rant to round out the week. Recently, I hired a new contract worker and after their first onboard meeting with one of the software engineers they reached out in Slack with the following query: “I wanted to ask if meetings should also be recorded on my timesheet.” I get it. And at the same time just hearing the question is heartbreaking. What’s worse is contract workers …

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In All But A Few Circumstances, I’ll Take A Solid Skills/Certifications List Over A Degree

When it comes to job requirements, I find degrees have less value than they did a decade ago. Certainly, some positions the demand specific degrees but they don’t comprise the majority of openings. Instead, placing higher value on demonstrated skill sets and platform certifications are where you’ll find job candidate gold. Joe Patti beat me to the punch on this topic by a full day with a post that wonders if …

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The Latest In Actions And Consequences

The 8/3/21 edition of The Baltimore Sun published an article by Mary Carole McCauley that reports on the orchestra’s decision to dismiss Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) principal flutist Emily Skala. This situation appears to be one of those rare instances where a musician employee is dismissed for non-artistic reasons. Skala has made headlines a few times over the pandemic as a result of her decisions to speak out on social media …

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How Did We Find Employees Before This?

I’m very happy to see the response coming in for the new Candidate Database at Arts Admin Jobs. We keep receiving new profile submissions on an almost daily basis (submit yours now) and each one gets us one step closer to fundamentally changing the way nonprofit arts and culture orgs go about finding talent. The Goal The Candidate Database should be the first stop any employer makes on the path for …

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What Employers Are Looking For In Job Candidates: Survey Results

On March 18th, I launched a poll asking employers what they would find most valuable in job candidate profiles. Those responses have helped shape the sorts of search filters being designed for the new Arts Admin Jobs Candidate Database. A few the responses were genuinely surprising. The Three Most Important Items Hands down, the three most important items to employers were: Desired employment level (full, part, freelance, etc.). Desired department (development, …

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