Inside The Arts Podcasts Have Arrived

After months of talking about it, the new series of Inside The Arts podcasts have arrived. The inaugural episode, entitled Battle Of The Brahms, is available at Guest panelists Frank Babbitt, Collins Trier, and John Rosenkrans (all members of the Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra) do a brilliant job at demonstrating how to un-stuff the stuffiness of a classical music review program. You’ll feel like you’re part of the "in …

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Because Shut Up, That’s Why!

Back in the beginning of April, 2008 Jason Heath (Arts Addict and Double Bass Blog author) and I recorded the first three episodes of Inside The Arts’ new series of podcasts and next Monday, the first episode from that session goes live. This inaugural series is a music review podcast where a panel of guests listens to recordings and then offers comments. Did I mention there’s a catch? In order to make things more interesting, panelists typically aren’t told what or who they are listening to until after they’ve heard the selections and offered comments…

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Even Marathons Have To End

Good news in Phoenix as the Arizona Opera Company and the Arizona Opera Orchestra Musicians’ Association reached a tentative agreement on Sunday, 3/9/2008. The 12 month long negotiation reached a critical point last month when both sides approved a side letter to the agreement which guarantees the Arizona Opera Orchestra Musicians right of first refusal for all productions through the 2011/12 season. The first two years in the three year contract …

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Scanning The Dial: Inside The Arts’ Newest Blog

Inside The Arts continues to grow and today marks the launch of its latest blog. Broadcast veterans Mike Janssen and Marty Ronish fill a void in the cultural blogosphere by exploring the field of classical music broadcasting at Scanning The Dial . What does the future hold for classical music on the radio? Where is radio falling short, and where can it leap forward? In an era of iPods, XM, and …

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Conductor Smack Down! – Dress Codes

The dynamic duo over at Sticks and Drones have come up with a fascinating new series they call “Conductor Smack Down!” In this series, blog authors Bill Eddins and Ron Spigelman square off over specific issues while allowing readers to take sides or take issue via comments. In the inaugural Smack Down, Bill and Ron tackle issues related to dress codes and concert attire: Read Bill’s Article Read Ron’s Article


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