Inside The Arts Puts Butts In The Seats

Regulars to the cultural blogosphere are likely familiar with Joe Patti’s blog, Butts In The Seats; musings on practical solutions for arts management. It has been one of my favorite blogs ever since its inaugural post nearly three years ago and I am pleased to announce that Joe has agreed to make Butts In The Seats part of

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Inside The Arts: A New Hub For Cultural Discourse

There’s excitement in the air as today marks the launch of a new cultural blogging exchange, Inside The Arts. Since moving to an independent server at the beginning of November, Adaptistration has expanded to offer two new blogs, Sticks and Drones and Arts Addict. Both blogs have done very well since their respective launch and with more blogs on the way, it made sense to create a clearinghouse where readers can …

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Sprucing Up The Homestead

After remaining relatively static for two year, it was high time to update my consulting website. First order of business was to freshen up the site’s color palette and to that end I ran across an absolutely fantastic website that makes it easy to put together a tight color-coordinated theme…

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Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for being able to live in such a wonderful city with a thriving arts environment. I’m thankful for my blog’s new home and the freedom to invite other talented voices to begin their own blogs. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to earn a living while working from home. I’m thankful for a wonderful public transpiration system that takes me where I need to go when I need to …

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The Arts Addict: A New Adaptistration Blog


There’s excitement in the air as today marks the launch of the latest installment of a developing three-way mirror of cultural conversation designed to provide a comprehensive view on the field of performing arts. Arts Addict is self described blog about life “as a classical music bottom feeder.” Authored solely by the popular and well respected double bassist and blogger Jason Heath, Arts Addict will be an outlet for all of Jason’s non-double bass oriented writing…

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