He’s Like Strom Thurmond Sans The Whimsy


Every now and then something comes along in the field that throws a truck load of old whitewalls on the seemingly unending tire fire that is negative classical music stereotypes. The latest collective embarrassment is from Maestro Yuri Temirkanov who reportedly believes that “the essence of a woman is weakness.” It goes downhill from there. Thankfully, Alex Ross published the definitive forehead-slap article about all of this on 10/3/2013 accompanied by …

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The Leinsdorf Exit Interview

I’m back in Chicago after a wonderful working vacation at the Grand Teton Music Festival and am in the process of getting my head above the sea of emails, voice messages and the rest. As such, today’s post is a quick link over to a fascinating series of videos from 1969 at the WGBH website titled Tanglewood Tales: The Leinsdorf Exit Interview. It is fun to see the predictions juxtaposed against how things actually changed.

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What Executive Directors are Looking for in a Music Director

Adaptistration People 138

following is an outline of the points provided during the “What Executive Directors are Looking for in a Music Director” panel from the 2012 Conductor’s Guild Conference, Thursday, January 5, 2012. Panel: Stephen Burns, Drew McManus, Donald Schleicher, Jeff vom Saal (Moderator) [ilink url=””https://adaptistration.com/hi-lets-talk” style=”note”]Questions about anything above? Then get in touch :)[/ilink]

What Executive Directors are Looking For In A Music Director

Wanted: Youthful, yet experienced, world class conductor who possesses commanding grasp of all traditional, modern, and pops orchestra styles whose mere artistic gravitas is capable of inspiring musicians to accept work concessions. Applicant must demonstrate previous success with charming big buck$ out of donors, corporate types, and politicians. Candidates who respect executive authority and resist temptation to challenge board decisions are encouraged to apply. Residency required.

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What You Need To Know About Peer Review Part 2

In Part 1, we examined what the peer review process entails along with why some conductors experience frustration with the process only to be completely unaware that they are the root of the problem. Today’s installment will examine some solutions along with related material… Recapping The Problem We know that the peer review process is initiated by the employer and in all but a handful of professional orchestras those duties are …

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