Sometimes It’s Difficult To See The Low Hanging Fruit

Venture Business Guy

Since launching Venture Arts Incubator* last July, a number of applicants have discovered that coming up with solid idea is sometimes harder than they initially imagined. At the same time, there have been some genuinely inspired ideas as well but some recent conversations with colleagues have inspired me to begin compiling a list of business ideas that we already believe some degree of need exists but has yet to see a …

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Introducing Venture Arts Incubator

I’m very pleased to announce the official launch of Venture Arts Incubator (VAI), an incubator exclusively for businesses that cater to the arts field. VAI’s Success Is Measured By Participant’s Success Far too often good business ideas die early deaths due to a lack of resources and support during critical startup and stabilization phases and business plans end up looking like this: Step 1: create business Step 2: ?????????????? Step 3: …

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Introducing Venture Arts Incubator

I’m very pleased to introduce Venture Arts Incubator (VAI), a virtual business incubator and accelerator focused exclusively on for profit businesses that cater to the arts field; everything from retail, service provider, and SaaS businesses will be considered. One of the primary goals is to help new businesses get off the ground and become sustainable by providing crucial resources that offload some of the most costly elements needed to generate revenue …

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