Dear Artists and Artist Managers, Help Us Help You. Here’s What You Need To Provide For Promo Pics And Bios

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It isn’t unfair to say most orchestra marketers have anywhere from 5-20 minutes per event for compiling all the related artist information. That includes promo images, bios, and any program specific copy. Unfortunately, too many artists and/or their managers make those tasks so difficult that there’s simply no way to end up with a good result. So as a service, here are some tips for what you can do to help …

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Why Yes, That JPG Does Make You Look Fat.

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We’ve examined the importance of page load speed here over the course of a few articles, each containing useful resources for measuring page load speed, but we haven’t taken a closer look at how you can help prevent the most common cause of page load speed: non-optimized image files. I published an article today at ArtsHacker that provides image optimization resources for managers who don’t possess the tools and/or skills to properly …

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