Coffee, Tea, Or Verdi?

Adaptistration Pilot

Violinist Holly Mulcahy published a warm & fuzzy style post on 5/12/2013 about a recent experience where she struck up a conversation with a fellow airline passenger and orchestra concert newbie that ultimately ended in him buying tickets for a pair of Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) at 30,000 feet courtesy of Wi-Fi. Apparently, the conversation progressed from food to farming, to flying, to Seal Tem 6, to Django Unchained; and …

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A Stunning Summer At Jackson Hole

Although it’s not a habit of mine to post media from my travels, I figured that if fellow Inside The Arts blogger Brian Dickie makes a habit of it (check out his recent series of posts), then it isn’t a bad thing. As such, the time at Jackson Hole, WY for the Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) was one of the best I can recall over the last decade.

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A Reminder About The Value Behind The Live Concert Experience

It never ceases to amaze how much perception can change from one individual to the next and even though it’s no secret that a live concert event is a very subjective experience, we don’t always have a chance to read about it from two very divergent views. Yes, there are music critics but there are few surprises in the traditional concert review format. Instead, I’m talking about the story behind the story, such as all of those off stage elements that intertwine with the music.

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