Classical Musicians And Retirement

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When it comes to retirement and pensions, there is no shortage of anxiety. Consequently, when I heard a teaser on NPR about a retirement home for orchestra and opera musicians in Italy founded by none other than composer Giuseppe Verdi, my interest was certainly piqued. It was a fascinating segment and you can listen below as well as NPR’s website (which also has the transcript). I highly recommend setting aside some …

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A War Of Words Indeed

Hats off to NPR’s Tom Huizenga for writing such a terrific article for the 9/6/2012 deceptive cadence blog. In particular, Huizenga examines the recently inaugurated hot war between the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and its musicians and the post does one of the best jobs I’ve ever encountered at putting things into perspective.

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The Real Trouble With The Emily White NPR Blog Post

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On 6/16/2012 NPR’s All songs Considered blog posted an article by NPR intern Emily White where the author discusses her desire and associated reasoning for “one massive Spotify-like catalog of music that will sync to my phone and various home entertainment devices.” Oh, she also chronicles thousands of personal instances of music piracy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all hell broke loose and folks have been peeling off into pro and con camps ever since (as of now, the latter outweighs the former).

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