Time To Revise An Old Joke

I have to share an early result from Tuesday’s little self test.  In response to the question: “Is an orchestra that has performed in Carnegie Hall better than one that hasn’t?” Many of you have responded by saying that you already knew that anyone can go to Carnegie so long as they can pay the rental fee, so I suppose it’s time to revise the old joke to something like the …

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Unnatural Restrictions

So why are the orchestras of New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Cleveland considered America’s “Big Five”?  Is it because they are the five best orchestras in the country with regard to artistic quality?  Are these the ultimate orchestras for musicians and managers that worthy of their aspiration?  Take this little self test to help you decide, answer honestly and based on what you currently know – no sneaking off to …

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Reader Response: Hey, We’re Smart In America Too!

Hugh Resnick, the Assistant Director for Research and Analysis at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, wrote in to remedy my ignorance regarding programs in the U.S. that is similar to the Australian course I wrote about on March 19th.    Hugh had this to say about a program he participated in while obtaining his MBA: “In fact, that is exactly how I got my job here at the ISO. I was an MBA student at …

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The Aussie’s Show Us Why They’re So Bright

I was perusing though the list of referring links to Adaptistration the other week when I can across one from a management school in Australia.  Well that certainly peeked my curiosity so I followed the link back to a course at the Australian Gradate School of Management and what I discovered was a bit of a surprise. I found a list of online reference material about orchestra management.  Since my list of known …

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Getting To Know You

No, this isn’t an interview with Yul Brynner.  Instead, Adaptistration reader and music guru Robert Levine recently sent in an email prompted by the remarks from Janet Shapiro from March 8th.   In particular Robert wanted to address Janet’s comment that: ” you should write about the players, who in the [Big 8] can make what Joe Kluger makes for putting in 20 hour weeks (and who often act like spoiled children …

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