Reader Response: More From Philadelphia Patrons

The email messages from Philadelphia Orchestra patrons keep pouring in.  Everyone has an opinion about the topic which range from concern to disgust.  But it’s the letters from patrons which have really caught my attention.  Many patrons seem to be using the tone and outcome of the labor negotiations as the deciding factor regarding whether or not they will give donations to the POA. Laura from PA wrote an email saying: …

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Another Orchestra Is Gone

Although it was posted here on Arts Journal a few days ago, I wanted to mention that another small orchestra recently closed its doors forever: the Chamber Orchestra of Albuquerque has announced they will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I don’t claim to know what impact the ensemble had on the local Albuquerque community, but I could see from their web site (I think it’s a very tasteful website, much nicer …

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A Few Odds And Ends Plus Translating Some Spin

I just received word that the Philadelphia Orchestra musicians have posted a web site designed to offer their side of the negotiation story.  I’m told that it’s a work in progress and new information is being added almost daily. You can find the new site at: I also wanted to point out that I published an article at the Partial observer earlier this week.  It is a reprint of an …

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Reader Response: Controversy Over Commissions

Several orchestra managers and industry insiders wrote in with concerns about my ideas surrounding the use of commission based compensation in the orchestra industry.

In general, they all took issue over my suggestion that commissions should be included as a portion of some executive and staff member compensation. All of the emails I received were well thought out and articulate, but I began to pick up on one consistent theme: everyone was assuming that the commission structure was universal and all encompassing.

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Reader Response: “More POO At The POA*”

Ok, the catchy title for today’s article isn’t my idea.  It was the subject line from an email I received from a Philadelphia Orchestra patron, Eric Bruskin.  Eric wrote in to ask a few poignant questions and offer some of his observations about how the POA board of directors has decided to use the orchestra’s website as a venue for the ongoing negotiations with the musicians. “I live in Philly and …

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