I Like What I See In Milwaukee

Just in case anyone missed the article in the online version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Tom Strini buried yesterday in the low traffic path of Labor Day, go give it a read. Tom wrote a good article which focuses on the future of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra via interviews with the MSO’s new executive director Mark Hanson and their new marketing director Sean McBryde. Hanson and McBryde take the …

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More Contract Negotiation Extensions

It appears that the Chicago Symphony now joins Cleveland in extending the deadline for reaching a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).  Chicago Tribune critic, Wynne Delacoma, reported in today’s issue that talks have been extended through October 31, 2004.  The article also reports that a retired judge has been brought in to mediate the remainder of the bargaining sessions.

I think this is an excellent example of how flexible both musicians and managers can be when it comes to bargaining methods.

There’s always been a great deal of talk in the industry about which bargaining method is best.  Some people swear by traditional methods and others endorse processes such as Interest Based Bargaining.

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Reader Response: Unnecessary Financial Restriction

One of Adaptistration’s European readers sent in an email in response to the Removing Unnecessary Financial Restrictions article from September 1st.  I always enjoy receiving notes from fellow musicians and orchestra managers from across the Atlantic and this was no exception. The reader pointed out something I didn’t realize happens in Europe all that much; there are for-profit (by our definition) chamber ensembles striking a claim in a world that’s fueled …

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Will The IRS Determine What Orch. Execs. Earn?

On August 10th, 2004 the IRS issued a News Release that it would begin scrutinizing executive officer compensation practices among non profit organizations.  This initiative has been dubbed the “Tax Exempt Compensation Enforcement Project“. According to the news release, the initiative is a “new enforcement effort to identify and halt abuses by tax-exempt organizations that pay excessive compensation and benefits to their officers and other insiders.”  Throughout the course of the …

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